More Aloe Buhrii Flower

Can you believe this is a flower from an aloe?!


Aloe Buhrii Flowers

I love this flower.  They are big, majestic and lasts for a couple of months.

Aloe Buhrii

This is one of my favorite aloes.  It gives this beautiful red-orange color flowers and the flowers last for a couple of months!  I have a few of this aloe in my garden.  But until this day, which is 3 years later, I still have not figured out how to transplant this aloe!  I don’t see any volunteers in the garden, and it does not give any off-shoot to allow me to transplant.  I have asked people at a local nursery and have not gotten a good answer for how to transplant it.  If you know how, please teach me!

Aloe Flowers

Aloe flowers once a year for a brief time.  Aloe flowers are beautiful, vibrant, come with many colors.  This aloe flower is from the medicinal aloe.  The flower lasts about 3 weeks for me.

Medicinal Aloe

Aloes are really nice.  They do not have sharp spikes as most of agaves.  They also give beautiful flowers once a year.  I bought this aloe as a 2″ plant and it flowered the second year.  Also, it gives so many ‘babies’ that has allowed me to transplant them.  I now have many ‘children’ of this plant throughout my garden, and some of them have started to flower this year.  If you have a bad cut, you can take a leaf of this plant, cut it open, and drip some of the aloe juice to where the cut is.  It heals the skin very well.  This is why many body lotions has aloe in it.  I learned this from my mom!

Red Rose

I plant roses in red, multi-colored, yellow, and white.   I transplant a lot of roses, growing them from a cutting.  When I see a rose I like, I try to see if i can get a cutting.  My goal with plants is that I buy the first plant, and then learn to transplant or grow from seeds.  This red rose was a transplant from a rose bush my husband bought for me for mother’s day right before my daughter was born almost 16 years ago.  The red color is so vibrant, which i have not seen very often.

Multi-Colored Roses

A closer look at the different colors of this beautiful rose.  I planted it about two years ago.